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R.I.P. Sean Price R.I.P. Sean Price

Brooklyn rapper Sean Price, a member of hip-hop groups Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe,...

Sunday, August 9, 2015
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I Just Want To Dance

This song is groovy and great for any event. Thanks Mad Skillz
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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R.I.P. Sean Price
Brooklyn rapper Sean Price, a member of hip-hop groups Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe,...  read more »

Get Behind The Chair
After being in a collegiate course for a month I went back to fitness class last night and it was har...  read more »

9th Wonder Story of The Struggle
9th is telling his story about his start in the music industry and some of the biggest projects he’s ...  read more »

Bind or Burden?
Bind or Burden?

If a thing binds the results are closeness and a difficulty to separate. read more »

Makes Me Wanna Holler
There was a very small part of me that was hopeful for an indictment on November 24. The rest of me w...  read more »

What Are You Scared Of?
So last night I attended a poetry event. And as luck would have it, I sat with not one, not two but f...  read more »

Run Tell That
Now that you say it`s over
You got them thinking you used me.
And that`s okay
It`s the on...  read more »

Pop up like a rag doll
Maybe it`s almost sunlight
Only to realize it`s still closer to midnig...  read more »

Shake It Off - Loving This New Taylor Swift Song
Back in August I knew Beyonce was going to perform on the MTV VMA`s. That was about the only reason I...  read more »

Step Out There
You will never know what you are capable of until you step out there and test the waters. You can sit...  read more »

Maybe as I listen
I can get all of this chaos organized
So much to do
So little time
...  read more »

My Dream Just Got Messed Up
Many are called…but chosen are few……

As I sit here one week and one day away from my birthda...  read more »

Sneezed On The Beat......
Prior to December 2013 I had not owned any Beyonce` music, not even a Destiny Child`s single. I would...  read more »

When I Was A Girl
I think life was a lot simpler when I was a girl. You know how children just expect stuff? They don’t...  read more »

Warm Peanut Butter Cookies
I`ve probably seen this person numerous times. I never spoke. Never had the opportunity. Never had a ...  read more »

I Don’t Love Her
I have been thinking of what my next post was going to be about, the fellas, but something specific t...  read more »

Friends With Benefits-`That Girl`
Once again ladies, it is 2013 and let’s all become, ‘That Girl’. We all have heard it or have been i...  read more »

What Would You Do? – In Love With 2 People
I was trying to decide what route I was going to go with my blogging in 2013 and I’ve decided to do s...  read more »

Relationship Advice – Keep It To Yourself Buddy
I know that you have seen those pics on facebook that are pics of sayings. Some of them I LOVE and s...  read more »

The Apple Tree-What Kind of Apple Are You?
I hear it all the time, ‘Where are all the real men?`, ‘I need a man that will be faithful!`… Blah bl...  read more »

The Apple Tree-Who Defines Your Ideal Woman?
Ooooo look at me posting a series of posts! This one is for the fellas! Are you looking for your id...  read more »

JWhitty`s Build-A-Man Experiment
I know that I have attempted to do this post before, but it got me thinking really hard this morning....  read more »

My Favorite Pick Up Lines
It’s been a longtime reader! However, you know that I never disappoint after escaping life for a whi...  read more »

Election Day is O-V, over!
How about that election people? It’s lovely. Regardless of your party affiliation, you are apart of...  read more »

100 Days – 100 Pick Lines: Bands A Make Her Dance
My most favorite song ever made (for the moment). Any piece of lyric in this song applies to any por...  read more »

Being single is a hard job. I’m sure that being in a relationship is hard too, but I’m specifically ...  read more »

I Don’t Wanna Know
Long time no read, huh? Did you miss me? It’s been a minute. I have been in a battle with my head ...  read more »

DJ JWhitty – NEW Album
Have you noticed that all the songs on the radio are about general ideas? I try to remain calm but t...  read more »

**Insert Funny Debate Related Headline Here**
Thursday night was awesome. Not only was it the one and only Vice Presidential debate of the electio...  read more »

Stating the Obvious
‘She got a big booty, so I call her Big Booty’

Really? Nothing super creative? Nothing tha...  read more »

What You Say Juicy J?
‘…bend it over and poke it like wet paint; you say no to ratchet pussy, Juicy J cain’t’

Yes ...  read more »

**Insert Funny Debate Related Headline Here**
Thursday night was awesome. Not only was it the one and only Vice Presidential debate of the electio...  read more »

Here`s a question for the fellas
You know that I am super partial to the fellas because I love them and feel that the seemingly contag...  read more »

Hey Monet, Give It To Me Straight!
Dear Monet,
I have been single for about 3 months now and it seems like everyone around me is in ...  read more »

Going to Jail
Hi reader! Long time no read, huh? I’ve been trying to re-invent myself and it hasn’t been working....  read more »

100 Days-Dancing on the Pole
Hi readers! On my quest for the perfect JWhitty body, I have different ways to exercise. I’m like a...  read more »

Defining 2 Chainz
As most of you should be aware, I blog for Proofs In The Puddin Radio. I positively love it because ...  read more »

The Thrill of the Chase
You can check out my blog and MORE past posts by going to my website: http://ijwhittyremarks.blogspot...  read more »

Role Models
To view all of my blog posts, click here: <...  read more »

My Bucket List
What’s going on dear reader? I hope that you had a great weekend and week off from my madness! Some...  read more »

Statistics Say...
Hi readers! Special post today... I was having a discussion with one of my good friends today and sh...  read more »

Hi, My Name is Jessica and I weigh…
Hello dear reader! I came down with a case of writer’s block, and for the life of me I couldn’t thin...  read more »

It’s Only Hair, Right?
I am no stranger to change. I’m a diverse seeking individual and usually that is a great thing for m...  read more »

Body Count-Sh*t Othello Says
First, let me say thank you to everyone that reads this blog! I love to hear that I can bring a ray ...  read more »

Did I Make You Uncomfortable Fella?
I put myself in the category where at least 50% of my time spent out of the house that I get sexually...  read more »

Ladies, Let’s Do Better!
Sitting here listening to Tupac’s album like it came out yesterday and reading stories about Gabby Do...  read more »

Being in Love with Being in Love
I know you have heard me say it every week, but I cannot stop watching Love and Hip Hop-Atlanta. If ...  read more »

The Grass is Always Greener
Making decisions is a part of life. I made the decision to drink a milkshake for breakfast, knowing ...  read more »

Prerequisite for a Relationship:Minimum of 4 kids
It’s amazing what some time off can do for a person! I’m back and feeling too crunk listening to Mee...  read more »

Whitty Wednesday-Back in the Day
Hi there good reader! Today’s ‘Whitty Wednesday’ is dedicated to my weekend run-in! I wasn’t always...  read more »

Friday Fav’s-Let’s Celebrate PITPR!
Did you know about my role as ‘The Blogger’ for Proof’s in the Puddin Radio? Did you know about my d...  read more »

Drink of the Week-Get Bit By the Dog
As some of my readers and friends know, I have a few part time jobs, and one of those is working at a...  read more »

100 Days-(Day 11)
Hello good people! I’ve finally gotten back on my horse of harassment and have started back on my ro...  read more »

Thirsty Thursday-She Looks Like What?
Hi fellas!

I know you missed me, but I’ve been researching, in my blogging absence, y...  read more »

Whitty Wednesday-Taking Care of #1
I’ve been taking a few days off from blogging hard and as a result of that I have no material for you...  read more »

Thirsty Thursday’s-How Would You React Fellas?
Last week’s edition of Thirsty Thursday’s, I pondered the attraction of women to Lil Wayne and Jay Z,...  read more »

Date Night #2
Yet another night of nonsense and uncertainty for me… I accepted a date from someone that I kind of ...  read more »

Thirsty Thursday-How Would You React?
I was at work the other day listening to my beloved Lil Wayne station and a few songs came on and I w...  read more »

Drink of the Week-Margarita and More
The drink of the week was suggested to me by one of my best friends.  I guarantee that a few of these...  read more »

Dude From Connecticut
I posted a little something on my facebook page last night and I thought that I should add it to my r...  read more »

Is This Reality?
Hi folks! I have been under the weather for a few days and have said ‘F that blog’ but now I’m back ...  read more »

Happy Hour Drink of the Week: Texas Tea
Hey-oooooooooo in case you didn’t know this, this blogger loves to get the party started! Since I’ve...  read more »

Thirsty Thursdays-What Guys Don’t Want
Hi guys! 

I’m an expert on a few things but I’m really an expert on how to NOT keep a man.  ...  read more »

100 Days-100 Pickup Lines (Day 1)
Hi there PITPR listeners and readers! I am going to post some of my previous blog posts so you will k...  read more »

100 Days-100 Pick Up Lines (Day 2)
I’m driving to work this morning and what song does my trusty iPod pick for my pick up line of the da...  read more »

One More Bad Date
Let me be real with everyone for just one second… As much as I claim to be an optimist about my love ...  read more »

Ignorance in New York-Drake/Chris Brown
In recent news/celebrity gossip, it was said that Drake, Chris Brown, and Drake`s eye brow got into a...  read more »

Fav Friday!
Great Hip-Hop lyric of the week:

"Rick James, super freak; She got that wet-wet: now that`s ...  read more »

Thirsty Thursday’s-What Whitty Wants
I am dedicating Thursday’s to those people that are trying hard to find that someone special! I’m in...  read more »

Whitty Wednesday-Financially Fit
Become financially fit one step at a time!  We would all like to have that job that pays us enough mo...  read more »

The LeBron James Effect
You know who LeBron James is.  Don`t act like if you ignore him that he will go away-because that jus...  read more »

Socially Annoyed
In this time of social media and reporting every step you take during the day, I know that you have b...  read more »

Friday Fav`s!
Fav Hip-Hop song quote of the week:

`A good run is better than a bad stand anyday`
-DJ J...  read more »

The Infamous N-Word
I read an article this afternoon about an actress using the N-word openly on Twitter the other day.  ...  read more »

The Queen Treatment
Ok fellas, I love you all-JWhitty does NOT discriminate when it comes to the fellas. I’ll take an As...  read more »

P.T.B.C.H. Etiquette
In honor of hump day, let`s discuss...

As I step my blog game up, you will see that I get a ...  read more »

My First Day
We all have experience many firsts in our lives. For example, we have first loves, first days of sch...  read more »

Jay-Z and Roca wear are launching an Occupy Wall Street T-shirt line today....but don`t plan to donat...  read more »

Who Was Heavy D?

Heavy D, also known as “The Overweight Lover” was no ordinary rapper. Born...  read more »

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