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R.I.P. Sean Price R.I.P. Sean Price

Brooklyn rapper Sean Price, a member of hip-hop groups Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik and Random Axe,...

Sunday, August 9, 2015
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I Just Want To Dance

This song is groovy and great for any event. Thanks Mad Skillz
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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DJ Well-Blended Beats

   Our Team

Listed Below Is The Proofs In The Puddin Radio Team.
Quay Bailey, Well blended-Co Host and Producer

By way of Cincinnati, Well Blended is known as a profound beat maker, DJ, and eclectic vinyl obsessive collector. The lovechild of Howard and Geraldine Bailey has always been into various genres that soon inspired his craft behind the one`s and two`s. During 2003, Well Blended studied the technique of Detroit`s “DJ Sicari”, and soon started to spin on The Black Fist Radio hosted by Shareefh Hakim on 88.1 WRFL Radio Free Lexington.

Well Blended has since racked up his clientele with respected artists including Devine Carama, Young Duece, Lee Tha G, Mick Boogie Community Mixtape hosted by Talib Kweli, Cas Metah, Allen Poe, Basement Up, Spazz, Nemo Achida, and Trademark Aarron.

In 2010, Well Blended ran into his old friend The Alias; discussed the good and bad of politics, music and sports, came up with the concept of Proofs In The Puddin` and the rest is history.

The Alias Finney, Co-Host

The Alias, a highly educated down to earth guy, was in graduate school when he ran into Well Blended one day on campus. As the Alias and Well Blended caught up on old times, Well Blended mentioned that he was now filling in as an alternate DJ at the college radio station. He invited Alias to stop by the radio station, when he had some free time, to chill out and speak his mind on the air . So, Alias decided to take Well Blended up on his offer and that broadcast become a historic event.

Together Well Blended and Alias set a record for being one of the highest rated shows that evening. Listeners called in to find out who was this mysterious guy with the different reference names for each segment of the show. The station coordinator, not knowing his real name, decided to call him "THE ALIAS".

Lamar Harris, Marketing Director

Lamar is from Cincinati, Ohio. He received a B.A. in Marketing in 2010 and a MBA in 2011 from Urbana University. He is responsible for managing and coordinating all marketing, advertising and promotional activities.

Arlinda McKinley, LindarInsights

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio Arlinda is an author of two self-published books; Ghetto Chick and Sumthing Special. In her many roles as mother, teacher, and writer she lives by these words - Above All To Thine Own Self Be True

On this site I will share postings from my blog LindarInsights about the things that I love and enjoy. I hope my writings uplift and encourage.

Jessica Whittaker, The Blogger

Have you met JWhitty? The young and misguided graduate of Kentucky State University has a hefty degree in Accounting and will slowly become your favorite blog champ with PITPR. Her love for all music; old, new, hip-hop, rock, pop, is unmeasured. Also she has a small fascination with Rick Ross, more specifically his beard. She will make you laugh hysterically and cry, hopefully at the same time, after reading her blog of random stories. This native of Dayton, Ohio and current resident of Frankfort, KY will keep you laughing and hopefully make you think. Feel free to hit her up, especially the fellas!


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